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Eco-Friendly Sample Pack

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Introducing the Eco-Friendly Cornstarch Sample Pack:

Indulge in sustainable dining solutions with our Cornstarch Sample Pack. Crafted from renewable cornstarch, each item in this pack showcases eco-conscious alternatives ideal for various dining occasions.


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Eco-Friendly Cornstarch Sample Pack

Sustainably Crafted and Compostable Dining Solution

Commercially Compostable

Microwave Safe

Plant Based Materials

No Added PFAS

Gluten Free

Heavy Duty

Introducing the Cornstarch Sample Pack:

Discover eco-friendly dining solutions with our Cornstarch Sample Pack. This collection showcases sustainable alternatives crafted from renewable cornstarch, ensuring a reduced environmental impact in your daily dining experiences. Each sample pack contains one piece of the following items:

  • 9″ Cornstarch Clamshell To-Go Box: An eco-conscious to-go box offering durability and functionality for your takeout needs. Crafted from cornstarch, it’s a sustainable departure from traditional plastic containers.
  • 10″ Cornstarch Round Plate: A sizable plate crafted from renewable cornstarch, offering a generous space to present a variety of culinary delights. Perfect for serving main courses or buffet-style dishes at events.
  • 9″ Cornstarch Round Plate: A smaller version of our cornstarch plates, ideal for appetizers, desserts, or side dishes. Eco-friendly and versatile for various dining occasions.
  • 7″ Cornstarch Knife: Crafted from cornstarch, this knife provides a sustainable alternative to conventional plastic utensils. It’s sturdy, reliable, and eco-conscious.
  • 21 oz Cornstarch Bowl (No Lid): This bowl boasts a 21-ounce capacity, ideal for serving hot or cold dishes such as soups, salads, or pasta. Eco-friendly and versatile for diverse culinary creations.
  • Paper Pen: Complementing our commitment to sustainability, this pen is crafted from recyclable paper, making it an eco-conscious addition to your stationery collection.

Embrace sustainability without compromising functionality with our Cornstarch Sample Pack. Each item represents a step towards a more environmentally conscious dining experience.

Product Specifications:

9″ Cornstarch Clamshell To-Go Box: 1 count

10″ Cornstarch Round Plate: 1 count

9″ Cornstarch Round Plate: 1 count

7″ Cornstarch Knife: 1 count

21 oz Cornstarch Bowl (No Lid): 1 count

Paper Pen: 1 count

Case Details:
Case Quantity:6
Case Weight: .27bs
Product Certifications: