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8mm Renewable Straws


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6mm Renewable Straws

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Crafted from compostable PLA, these 6mm Drinking Straws offer an eco-friendly alternative for reducing plastic waste, perfect for various applications. Embrace sustainability and make a positive impact on the environment with every sip.

Each individual pack includes 100 individual pieces


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Compostable 6mm Cornstarch-Based PLA Straws

The Ultimate Sustainable Solution for Seamless Sipping

Commercially Compostable

Microwave Safe

Plant Based Materials

No Added PFAS

Gluten Free

Heavy Duty

6mm Renewable Straws

Sip Responsibly with Biodegradable Brilliance

Made from biodegradable PLA (polylactic acid), these 6mm Drinking Straws represent a conscious choice for those seeking environmentally sustainable and renewable alternatives. PLA is derived from renewable resources like cornstarch, making it a responsible choice that helps reduce the environmental footprint associated with traditional plastic straws.

These straws are not only a nod to eco-consciousness but also offer remarkable versatility. They are designed to perfectly complement Good-bye Plastics’ cold cups, providing a seamless and eco-friendly experience for customers. Whether you’re running a bustling restaurant, managing a busy school cafeteria, operating takeout and carryout services, or ensuring sustainability in hospital settings, these straws fit the bill.

By choosing these PLA Drinking Straws, you are not only making a responsible choice for your business but also contributing to the global effort to reduce single-use plastics. Their compostable nature ensures that they can return to the earth, leaving no harmful residues behind. So, embrace sustainability and elevate your commitment to the environment with these compostable PLA Drinking Straws. Your customers and the planet will thank you.

  • Eco-Friendly Materials: These Compostable PLA Drinking Straws are thoughtfully crafted using advanced biodegradable PLA (polylactic acid) technology. PLA is a bio-based and renewable material derived from sources like cornstarch or sugarcane. This sustainable choice reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and helps combat the environmental concerns associated with traditional plastic straws.
  • Renewable and Sustainable: By selecting these straws, you’re actively participating in promoting sustainability. PLA is considered a renewable resource because it can be continually replanted and harvested, making it an ecologically responsible choice. This not only lessens the demand for finite resources but also diminishes the carbon footprint of straw production.
  • Perfect Compatibility: These straws are ingeniously designed to seamlessly integrate with Good-bye Plastics cold cups, ensuring an effortless and eco-conscious beverage experience. The precise engineering guarantees that your customers can enjoy their drinks without any inconvenience or compromise on quality.
  • Versatile Applications: The versatility of these Compostable PLA Drinking Straws knows no bounds. They are an excellent choice for a myriad of settings, ranging from upscale restaurants and educational institutions to takeout and carryout services, as well as healthcare facilities. Their adaptability makes them a valuable asset for businesses of all kinds looking to make sustainable choices.
  • Durable and Reliable: These straws are engineered with durability in mind. Measuring at a substantial 6mm in diameter, they’re built to withstand the rigors of everyday use. You can trust that these straws won’t bend, break, or compromise the drinking experience.
  • Compostable: Perhaps the most significant eco-friendly feature of these straws is their composability. After use, they can be disposed of in composting facilities, where they will undergo natural decomposition. This process results in the conversion of the straws into nutrient-rich organic matter, devoid of any harmful residues. It’s a closed-loop system that ensures your commitment to sustainability extends to the end of the product’s lifecycle.
  • Contribution to Sustainability: Choosing Compostable PLA Drinking Straws is a proactive step towards sustainability. By reducing reliance on single-use plastics, you’re actively contributing to the global initiative to mitigate plastic pollution and protect our planet’s ecosystems. Your choice empowers others to make eco-conscious decisions and collectively work towards a greener future.
Product Specifications:
Length: 7.8″ (196.9 mm)
Width: 6mm
Brand: Good-bye Plastics
Case Details:
Case Quantity:100
Case Weight:0.680lbs


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