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8.5″ x 6″ Cornstarch Compostable Tray


1 Oz Cornstarch Sauce Cup w/ Lid

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8 Oz Cornstarch Compostable Cups

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Introducing our Eco-Friendly 8 oz Cornstarch Cups, crafted from renewable cornstarch for sustainable beverage and snack service. These cups are both durable and compostable, breaking down naturally within 100 days in commercial facilities, making them an eco-conscious choice for businesses and events.

Each individual pack includes 100 individual pieces



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8 oz Compostable Plant-Based Cold Cups

Eco-Conscious Cups for Chilled Delights

Commercially Compostable

Microwave Safe

Plant Based Materials

No Added PFAS

Gluten Free

Heavy Duty

Biodegradable Cornstarch-Based Cups

Durability Meets Environmental Responsibility

Introducing our Eco-Friendly Compostable Cold Cups – the sustainable solution for all your cold beverage needs. Crafted with a strong commitment to environmental responsibility, these cups are designed to provide both functionality and eco-consciousness.

One standout feature of these cups is their biodegradability. Certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®), they are engineered to compost within just 180 days in a commercial composting facility. This means you can enjoy the convenience of single-use cups without the guilt of long-lasting plastic waste.

With a 8-ounce capacity, these cups are versatile enough to serve a wide range of cold drinks, from soft drinks and juice to iced coffee, tea, beer, and more. They are sturdy and reliable, ensuring that they won’t let you down, even when filled with cold and refreshing beverages.

These cups are the ideal choice for special events, catered affairs, takeout restaurants, cafeterias, and cafes that prioritize sustainability in their operations. By choosing our Eco-Friendly Compostable Cold Cups, you’re not only making an environmentally responsible choice but also contributing to a more sustainable future for our planet. Make the switch today and embrace eco-conscious food and beverage service with Good-Bye Plastic.

Product Features

  • Outstanding Sustainability: Our Eco-Friendly Compostable Cold Cups are a shining example of sustainable product design. Crafted from renewable plant-based materials, they represent a significant step forward in reducing our reliance on traditional plastics that harm the environment. By choosing these cups, you’re actively contributing to a greener and more sustainable planet.
  • Certified Biodegradability: These cups have earned the prestigious certification from the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®). This certification guarantees that these cups will break down and return to nature within a mere 180 days when processed in a commercial composting facility. It’s a testament to their eco-friendliness and their role in reducing the burden of plastic waste in landfills.
  • Versatility Across Beverages: With a generous 8-ounce capacity, these cups are designed to cater to a wide spectrum of cold beverages. Whether it’s soft drinks, fruit juices, iced coffee, refreshing teas, or even beer, these cups are the perfect companions, ensuring that your beverages are served and enjoyed at their best.
  • Robust and Dependable: We understand the importance of reliable food service products. Our cold cups are engineered to be sturdy and dependable, ensuring that they hold up admirably even when filled with cold, condensation-laden drinks. You can confidently serve your customers knowing that these cups won’t let you down.
  • Ideal for Various Settings: These Eco-Friendly Compostable Cold Cups are the go-to choice for a multitude of settings. Whether you’re hosting a special event, running a catering service, operating a takeout restaurant, managing a cafeteria, or running a cozy café, these cups are tailored to meet the diverse demands of your business. They align perfectly with the values of sustainability-conscious consumers.
  • Environmental Responsibility: By adopting these cups in your business, you’re taking a meaningful step towards reducing the environmental footprint associated with single-use plastics. Embracing these compostable cups not only minimizes plastic waste but also encourages a more eco-conscious approach to food and beverage service. It’s a responsible choice that resonates with environmentally aware customers.
Product Specifications:
Length: 3.8″ (96.5mm)
Bottom Diameter:2.2″ (55mm)
Top Diameter: 3.1″ (78.7mm)
Brand: Good-bye Plastics
Case Details:
Case Quantity:100
Case Weight:3.120lbs


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