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12 Oz Cornstarch Compostable Cups

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Introducing our Eco-Friendly 12 oz Cornstarch Cups, crafted from renewable cornstarch for sustainable beverage and snack service. These cups are both durable and compostable, breaking down naturally within 100 days in commercial facilities, making them an eco-conscious choice for businesses and events.

Each pack includes 100 individual pieces



12 oz Compostable Plant-Based Cold Cups

Eco-Conscious Cups for Chilled Delights

Commercially Compostable

Microwave Safe

Plant Based Materials

No Added PFAS

Gluten Free

Heavy Duty

Renewable 12 oz Cornstarch Cups

Durability Meets Environmental Responsibility

Introducing our Eco-Friendly 12 oz Cornstarch Cups, a sustainable and versatile solution for your beverage and food service needs. These cups are thoughtfully designed to combine functionality with environmental responsibility, making them an excellent choice for businesses and events aiming to embrace eco-conscious practices.

Crafted from renewable cornstarch, these cups are a testament to our commitment to reducing our reliance on non-renewable resources. With a generous 12-ounce capacity, they are perfect for serving a wide range of beverages and snacks, including coffee, smoothies, desserts, and more.

One of the standout features of these cups is their sustainability. They represent a responsible alternative to traditional plastic or paper cups, helping to minimize the environmental impact of your operations. Despite their eco-friendly nature, these cornstarch cups are sturdy and reliable, capable of holding hot and cold beverages without compromising their structural integrity.

What truly sets these cups apart is their compostability. They are designed to naturally break down over time, reducing their impact on the environment and promoting waste reduction. When disposed of in commercial compost facilities, these cups decompose within 100 days, aligning with a circular and sustainable approach to disposable packaging. Make the sustainable choice today with these exceptional cornstarch cups.

Product Features

    • Renewable Material: Our Eco-Friendly 12 oz Cornstarch Cups are crafted from a remarkable and sustainable resource – renewable cornstarch. This material is derived from abundant and rapidly regenerating corn crops, reducing our reliance on finite and environmentally taxing resources. By choosing these cups, you’re actively contributing to the preservation of our planet’s natural resources.
    • Generous Capacity: With a generous 12-ounce capacity, these cups offer versatility in serving various beverages and snacks. Whether you’re serving up piping hot coffees, refreshing smoothies, or delectable desserts, these cups provide ample space to accommodate your culinary creations while ensuring customer satisfaction.
    • Sustainable Alternative: These cups are designed with a keen focus on sustainability, offering a responsible alternative to conventional plastic or paper cups. They represent a significant stride toward reducing the ecological footprint of your business or event, aligning with global efforts to mitigate plastic pollution and reduce waste.
    • Sturdy and Reliable: Durability is at the core of these cornstarch cups. Engineered to withstand the rigors of both hot and cold beverages, they maintain their structural integrity, ensuring that your drinks are served without leaks or mishaps. Your customers can trust in the reliability of these cups, enhancing their overall experience.
    • Compostable: Perhaps one of the most compelling features of these cups is their complete compostability. Unlike traditional cups that contribute to landfill waste, these cornstarch cups have a natural decomposition process. When properly disposed of in commercial compost facilities, they break down over time, returning valuable nutrients to the soil and reducing the burden on landfills.
Product Specifications:
Length: 3.8″ (96.5mm)
Height: 4.17″ (105.918mm)
Bottom Diameter:2.2″ (55mm)
Top Diameter: 3.1″ (78.7mm)
Brand: Good-bye Plastics
Case Details:
Case Quantity:100
Case Weight:3.30lbs
Product Certifications: