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8″ Square Areca Palm Leaf Plate


9” Square Areca Palm Leaf Plate

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8″ Round Areca Palm Leaf Plate

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These timeless 8-inch Palm Leaf Plates, featuring a premium design and crafted from fallen leaves, are a versatile choice for any occasion, from meticulously planned events to impromptu gatherings. Ideal for seated dinners, buffets, and BBQs, they match standard household plate sizes and offer ample depth for saucy dishes, making them the ultimate disposable choice for various settings, including homes, restaurants, and more.

Each pack has 50 individual pieces



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8-Inch Round Palm Leaf Plate

Where Sustainability Meets Sophistication

Commercially Compostable

Microwave Safe

Plant Based Materials

No Added PFAS

Gluten Free

Heavy Duty

8”Round Palm Leaf Plate

Eco-Friendly Durability for Your Table

The 8 Inch Round Areca Palm Leaf Plate is a premium, eco-friendly, and biodegradable dining plate handcrafted from natural areca palm leaves. Its 8-inch diameter and round profile make it perfect for serving appetizers, salads, or small portions. These plates are not only durable but also visually distinctive, with a chemical-free composition that ensures an environmentally conscious and safe dining option.

With a timeless design and expert craftsmanship using fallen leaves, the Extra Large Round Palm Leaf Plate, measuring 8 inches in diameter, is a must-have for any occasion, whether meticulously planned or impromptu. These spacious plates are ideal for seated dinners, buffets, and backyard BBQs, matching the standard size of typical household plates while offering a thoughtful depth to accommodate saucy dishes. Whether for home use, in a restaurant, or any other setting you can imagine, these disposable plates are the ultimate choice, combining style and sustainability.

Product Features

  • Eco-Friendly and Biodegradable: These exquisite dining plates are created with a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. Crafted from the fallen leaves of the areca palm tree, they are a testament to responsible and eco-conscious dining. By choosing these plates, you are actively contributing to reducing the environmental impact of disposable tableware, as they are fully biodegradable and compostable.
  • Premium Craftsmanship: Each plate undergoes a meticulous handcrafting process, ensuring that no two are exactly alike. The result is a beautifully textured and visually distinctive plate that adds a touch of rustic elegance to your dining experience. The craftsmanship reflects a dedication to quality and an appreciation for the natural world.
  • Generous 8-Inch Diameter: With an expansive 8-inch diameter, these plates offer ample space for your culinary creations to shine. They are not limited to specific dish types, accommodating appetizers, salads, small entrées, or even sharing platters with ease. The size versatility makes them a versatile choice for various dining occasions.
  • Shallow Design for Versatility: The shallow profile of the plate serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it enhances the overall aesthetics, creating an inviting and appetizing presentation. Secondly, it is functional, as it allows these plates to gracefully hold saucy or delicate dishes without any undue spillage, ensuring your culinary creations are served flawlessly.
  • Durability and Sturdiness: Despite their eco-friendly origin, these palm leaf plates are surprisingly robust. They are designed to withstand the demands of a variety of dining settings, from formal gatherings to casual picnics. This durability ensures that your plates won’t easily break or lose their form during use.
  • Chemical-Free Assurance: The plates are manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals, dyes, or additives. This means you can dine with confidence, knowing that your food won’t come into contact with any potentially hazardous substances. The chemical-free nature of these plates aligns perfectly with health-conscious and environmentally friendly dining.
  • Timeless and Versatile Design: The classic design of these palm leaf plates makes them adaptable to any dining occasion. They effortlessly complement both elegant events and relaxed, informal gatherings. Their natural, rustic aesthetics add a charming touch to your table settings, enhancing the overall ambiance of your dining space.
  • Versatility Across Settings: These plates are not limited to one specific environment. They are equally suitable for home use, professional catering, restaurant service, outdoor picnics, and more. This versatility means you can incorporate them into a wide range of dining experiences, making them a practical choice for various scenarios.
Product Specifications:
Length: 8″ (203.2mm)
Width: 8″ (203.2mm)
Height: 0.8″ (20.32mm)
Brand: Good-bye Plastics
Case Details:
Case Quantity:50
Case Weight:6.43lbs
Product Certifications: