Why You Should Consider Plastic Alternatives
Good-Bye Plastic / 2019-11-20 11:30:30

People have a misbelief that plastic is a non-replaceable asset. This is an uneducated mentality. If you consider the long term effects, plastic is more of a liability than it is an asset. There are many alternatives to plastic, and it is high time we started considering them in our daily lives. 

Plastic does more harm than good. It is something that can wipe out our entire existence as we know it. While there are many alternatives to plastic currently available in the market, people still manage to cling on to plastic.
It is time for us to embrace a positive change in our lives. We live in a planet that has all the resources we need to live sustainably, and yet we manage to find non-sustainable methods that can jeopardise everything and everyone around us.

Chasing convenience and ease has done more harm than good for our planet. Maybe it is time we stopped chasing what’s easy and started doing what’s right.

Plastic has been piling up in our landfills and oceans for a long time now, and soon enough it is going to reach a point of no return, where we will no longer be able to reverse the harmful effects caused by these humongous dumps.

We are an extremely important generation of mankind. Our actions are going to decide whether we will have a future on our planet or not. There is still time to reverse what has been done and opt for a new start. Especially with the technological advancements of today, it is almost impossible to not save the world than it is to destroy it.
The worst part is that, there are many alternatives to plastic, but most people are not willing to use them as they are slightly more inconvenient. Are we really this lazy and ignorant that we are willing to risk life on our planet for such an irrelevant cause?

There are many alternatives to plastic which are made from a range of materials like sugarcane, areca leaves, waste paper, corn-starch etc. Agricultural by-products and bio plastics are some of the latest attempts to prolong our disposable lifestyle.

The solution, according to plastic pollution experts, is tostop our reliance on single-use products with different materials and to avoid single-use products altogether.

It is time for us to decide. Should we be known as the generation that saved our planet, or the generation that sat around and watched while the world moved towards certain doom?